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9 December - 31 December 2023

Become a ninja of the now with mindfulness tools

Learn how to create a mindset for success & your highest potential

Gain clarity for crystalline precision and efficiency

Tools for navigation and making decisions with both your intuition & logic

Shift from problem oriented to solution oriented

Feel more at home, free and comfortable in your body 

Cultivate self love and radical acceptance

Practices to enter the FLOW state for optimum performance

Experience activating practices to increase energy, feel more life force & pleasure

Rejuvenating practices to release stress & anxiety 

Imagine yourself as a vessel, a sacred chalice - if you want to optimize your human experience and actualize your visions:


1. You need to clear space in your current energetic container (chalice) and 2. You need to energetically expand your vessel to be able to hold more of what you want.

Most humans rarely access their optimum potential.   We have lost our power to conditioning and limiting patterns that keep us looping in the past or projecting fears and desires into the future.  

I’m here to help you see through the lens of infinite possibility. To stand gracefully in your sovereign power. YES you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams. I’ve done it and am happy to be your guide on this journey.

In this highly transformational program, you will experience what it feels like to live in RADICAL ALIGNMENT.  Feeling your best, performing your best and actualizing your visions with ease - because your life is a direct reflection of your emotional and energetic field

Yacumama River Pool.HEIC

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