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Access your Optimum Potential
and create an Epic life

by activating your radiance, magnetism, sovereign power, and the magic of your

inner medicine man/woman!



4 Days To Radical Alignment

22/23-25/26 May 2021

(Date depends on your time zone)

A journey through the medicine wheel to step into your sovereign power as the creator of your reality.

We are at a sacred crossroad

The direction humanity takes is entirely up to

change makers and visionaries like you.


With all that 2020 brought, there is an urgent need to

refine our VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY - our thoughts, emotions, physical and energetic state -  so that we are primed to create the most beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


Optimize Your Human Experience 

Imagine yourself as a vessel, a sacred chalice - if you want to optimize your human experience and actualize your visions:


1. You need to clear space in your current energetic container (chalice) and 2. You need to energetically expand your vessel to be able to hold more of what you want.

Most humans rarely access their optimum potential.   We have lost our power to conditioning and limiting patterns that keep us looping in the past or projecting fears and desires into the future.  

I’m here to help you see through the lens of infinite possibility. To stand gracefully in your sovereign power. YES you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams. I’ve done it and am happy to be your guide on this journey.

In this highly transformational program, you will experience what it feels like to live in RADICAL ALIGNMENT.  Feeling your best, performing your best and actualizing your visions with ease - because your life is a direct reflection of your emotional and energetic field.

Side Effects May Include

Deep, nourishing, intimate, relationships with everyone in your life

Being found by your Beloved

Feeling centered when the world around you feels quite mad

Increasing your impact

Waking up feeling full of joy for no reason

Increased life force

Increased immunity

What you will Receive

  • Become a ninja of the now with mindfulness tools

  • Learn how to create a mindset for success & your highest potential

  • Gain clarity for crystalline precision and efficiency

  • Tools for navigation and making decisions with both your intuition & logic

  • Shift from problem oriented to solution oriented

  • Feel more at home, free and comfortable in your body 

  • Cultivate self love and radical acceptance

  • Practices to enter the FLOW state for optimum performance

  • Experience activating practices to increase energy, feel more life force & pleasure

  • Rejuvenating practices to release stress & anxiety 


  • Boost confidence, courage, self esteem & self love

  • Clear emotional energy from the past

  • Rituals to create deeper connection in your relationships

  • Release protection mechanisms and experience the intimacy you desire


  • Practices & Rituals to experience expanded states of consciousness and bring your body, mind and spirit back into harmony and balance no matter what is happening externally

  • Rituals that connect you to the creative force of the universe

  • Awaken the magician & medicine woman/man, magician inside of each one of you 

  • Step more powerfully onto your path of dharma to have a greater impact on the world

Hi I am Ixchel

I am here to guide you in this initiation to stand firmly in your power as the limitless creator of your reality, transcend perceived limitations and create an extraordinary life of fulfillment in all areas. 


This retreat is born from the tools and embodied wisdom that I have gathered in 20+ years of walking the path of evolutionary development and supporting hundreds of people from around the world in my retreats and sessions to feel more liberated and empowered.  


I will share insight, reflections, keys, tools and transmissions from my life as a mother, lover, medicine woman, retreat facilitator, healer, community builder, eco village steward, entrepreneur & life coach.  I will draw upon my transformation jedi toolbelt and my studies with yoga, meditation, tantra, shamanism, magic, somatic therapy, dance, breath work, NLP, non-violent communication, permaculture, natural medicine, neuroscience and more.


I am committed to making your transformation fun, pleasurable and for even the most challenging things to be cleared with grace and ease.  At the end of this week, I want you to feel lit up, inspired and boundless seeing through the lens of infinite possibility.

What’s included

  • Daily 90 min. group calls at 6:30PM PST/10:30AM Bali (next day) with powerful transmissions, rituals, practices and connection with global tribe. For local time zone, visit -

  • Daily 30 min. Audio Embodiment Practices for each Element with chi gung, breathwork, yoga, bio-energetic shaking, dance, rituals and guided visualization to prime you to have the best day ever!

  • Daily 20 min. Ritual Videos for Mental, Emotional, Energetic Clearing 

  • Alignment assignments to integrate the teachings into your life


  • Access to Private Facebook Group where you can share your experience and ask questions that I will respond to every day during the retreat.

  • Daily updates and inspiration for accountability in the group.

You also get...

Grounding Mindfulness Loving Kindness Meditation

11.11 Minute Meditation recommended as a daily practice to calm the mind, open the heart and provide grounding.

Self Love Yin Yoga Practice 

60 Minute Rejuvenating, relaxing practice with guidance to release negative self talk and foster greater self love. 

22 Minute Shamanic Soul Retrieval Breathwork
Guided breathwork journey to call back any parts of your soul that were fragmented in intense life experiences and create love & safety for your inner child to bring your being into wholeness. 
* All of the above embodiment practices have customized soundtracks of music created by incredible musician friends.

Retreat Schedule

22/23 - 25/26 May 2021

The retreat runs from the 22-25th in the Western Hemisphere and the 23-26th in the Eastern Hemisphere.


We'll have a daily 90 min. group call at 6:30PM PST/10:30AM Bali (next day) with powerful transmissions, rituals, practices and connection with global tribe. For local time zone, visit -

We will work with the energy of the medicine wheel starting with the East and the element of Air, to the South and the element of Fire, to the West and the element of Water and finish with the North and the element of Earth.

Each day, the additional practices, alignment assignments and transmissions for the day will be released in your custom online platform. There will be 1 - 3 hours of powerful practices for you to dive into outside of the calls.


This is a suggested schedule. The beauty of an online retreat is that you can choose your adventure, do it your own time and even do the embodiment practices more than once for a deeper dive.

Full schedule here

What Clients Say

Angie K.png

“Ixchel is a wealth of wisdom who has helped me navigate the grief of loosing my mother, psychedelic integration and feel safe enough to go deep into shadow work. She has helped me see how the program of "not good enough" has been holding me back in all areas of my life and release it, helping me to reclaim my voice, my confidence and exert boundaries rather than seek for approval. The energy we’ve invested together is a gift that keeps on giving.”

– Angie Kessel

David Langer 1.png

“Ixchel embodies the divine mother, creating a potent container of unconditional love for her work. In sessions with Ixchel, I have been able to connect to the deepest parts of myself, reaching new levels of forgiveness, self-compassion and healing from trauma. I think of Ixchel as my spiritual momma and am exceptionally grateful to have her in my life.

– David Langer

Chidiogo .png

There are few people you can actually say changed your life. Ixchel is one of them. I was not sure exactly what I was seeking, only that It felt like the entire universe guided me to her. I will always know her to be the one who birthed me into a life of deep trust in the voice within, guiding my freedom and continued trust to take the leap and then leap some more."

– Chidiogo Akunyili


I want in! How Do I

This retreat is a powerful opportunity to release the old & set

yourself up for living your best life. The time is now for you to step

into the most radiant, vibrant, aligned, passionate version of yourself.

Together we can shift the direction humanity takes in

this critical turning point and create Heaven on Earth!

You have the opportunity to participate in the beta version of this retreat for far less than it will be in the future & receive Ixchel's presence on daily 90 min calls. 

Save $111 if paid in full by March 21


$444  $333



3 monthly payments

VIP Upgrade

Commit fully to yourself.
Know that NOW is your time to RISE.
Get one extra private call with Ixchel post retreat


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the online retreat?

It is a mix of daily 90 min live calls, videos with transmissions on all the topics covered, guided audio embodiment practices with epic custom soundtracks and a Facebook group for asking questions and sharing with the community.


How much time will it take?

Each day you will have  2.5 - 3 hours of juicy practices, inspiring transmissions and transformational alignment assignments.  If you choose to dive deeper into assignments or bonus practices that is entirely up to you.


What dates and times of the calls?

Daily Calls begin January 7th 6:30 PM PST / 8th 10:30 AM Bali 

and finish January 10th 6:30 PM PST / 11th 10:30 AM Bali 

To find your local time zone visit:

Will I receive the same benefit if I am not able to make the calls?

Yes, you will receive a video and audio recording of the 4 calls and can receive the transmission and do the practices in your own time. You can also send any questions ahead of time to be answered in the calls or the group.


Can I join next time?

Ixchel receives her assignments from the Mother. She may or may not be running this course again. The time is NOW. 

How long will I have access to the material?

All recordings of the calls, audio & video practices, pdfs and transmissions are yours to keep forever via direct download. 

They will be up on the online platform for one month.

What is the refund policy?
Because this is a live group retreat with online components no refunds will be issued.  Note that nobody has ever asked for a refund for any of my retreats or programs.

Please message me if you have any further questions.

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