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Remember & Deepen our Connection to the Earth

YACUMAMA is an eco village in Costa Rica.  

A space for community & connection to the deepest parts of ourselves and all life.

A center for transformational experiences for the evolution of humanity.



Yacumama Earth Week is a community gathering bridging Earth Arts and Permaculture Principles. 


Our intention is to provide an opportunity for our community to gather and gain educational and practical experiences by offering hands-on sustainable practices and tools to help us build out our visions for a new world. Yacumama Earth Week is designed to balance feminine and masculine energies, providing workshops that are both experiential and informational, creative and pragmatic.

You can come for the entire week and stay with us on the land or just choose the workshops you wish to attend. Topics include composting, planting a garden, syntropic agriculture and clay art. In our quest to involve all ages, we have reserved two days for the children, with the end of the week being open to children through EmbarARTe, a series of workshops for children and their parents.

The workshops will be mostly taught in English, however all facilitators speak Spanish and we are happy to translate for non-English speakers.

This gathering is a unique opportunity for us to ‘unplug’ from all the hustle and bustle of our digital lives and tune in deeply with the frequency of nature and community.

Yacumama Earth week is based on three pillars:


GAIA EDUCATION - Project-based learning that allows for hands-on, real-time learning with gardening and permaculture projects.


EARTH ARTS & NATURAL BUILDING - We use creative expression through organic materials to inspire, educate, and reconnect us to the earth.


COMMUNITY BUILDING - Our desire is to foster deep connections, relationships, and a sense of belonging by gathering under a common vision of a world based on community that prioritizes the earth.


permaculture week Schedule (3).png

This is a “choose your own adventure” and has been curated for the community that lives around Ojochal. Specifically, it will look at the southern ecosystem of Costa Rica. You can come for any number of  workshops you'd like, stay on or off site or dive right in as a full retreat. Our intention is to make it accessible to all ages and all socio economic capacities.


6 Reasons You Should Get Involved in Earth Week:

Bridging Expertise in Permaculture and Agroforestry

  1. We are Uniting Top Minds in Sustainability

Earth Week gathers leading experts in permaculture, earth arts, and agroforestry from Ometepe, Diamante Valley, and Ojochal, offering a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives from experienced facilitators who have never met before.

2. Holistic Schedule for Regenerative Living

The event’s schedule is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive overview of building, conceptualizing, and optimizing regenerative farms, projects, and family homes.


3. Diverse and Inclusive Curriculum

The curriculum embraces a range of approaches, from feminine to masculine, and from artistic to experiential and workshop styles, fostering rich and varied connections to the earth.


4. Hands-on Learning for Kids

With two full workshops for children, our kids can engage in practical activities like planting trees, starting gardens, and participating in cleanups. They will learn about ecosystems, the importance of the plant kingdom, how to play with colors from the natural environment, and the energies of stewardship of the earth in a fun and engaging way.


5. Building Community Connections

Earth Week brings our community together with a shared goal of protecting the bioregion and learning about how to care for Gaia. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet our neighbors, strengthen community bonds, and collaborate on local environmental projects.


6. Exploring Sacred Geometry and Other Super Unique Workshops

Participants have the rare opportunity to attend workshops on sacred geometry, topics not usually accessible. Sacred geometry is crucial for building temples and homes as it harmonizes structures with natural patterns, promoting balance and sustainability.


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Jossie Torres


Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Jossie is a visionary architect, designer, natural builder, and leader who has spent the last 7 years devoted to organic and climate-responsive architecture. Specializing in bamboo construction, earth building, and permaculture; she also integrates landscaping design for water management and brings a regenerative and participative approach to all her projects. She uses sacred geometry and nature patterns to create spaces that exude beauty and harmony. As a pioneer in Nicaragua, Jossie co-founded CAOS Architecture Studio in Managua and BambúVital in Ometepe Island. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge in community educational events. These events are meant to explore permaculture, natural materials, and sustainable practices such as composting toilets, allowing participants to learn through hands-on experiences and gain a deeper understanding of our environmental footprint.

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Fernando Blanco


Uvita, Costa Rica

Bamboo architect and sacred geometry master, Fernando works with the archetypes of shapes and numbers to build props and temples. he has worked on the building of holos and gay oir hood in the diamante valley and teaches while performing the energetic s of sacred geometry across Costa Rica

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Gabrielle Bonneville


Yacumama, Costa Rica

Gabrielle is a rekniwn community builder and artist with momentom collective and various Theather troupes. She will be hosting the event as yacumama and supporting in all aspects relating humaning and arts

Screenshot 2024-06-13 060541.png

Travis Britzke  

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica

Socio-Biologist, Syntropic Forest Gardener, Permaculture Designer, Social Permaculture Facilitator, Singer/Songwriter, Father Founder, Regenesis Permaculture Costa Rica Vice President, Association Community Carbon Trees Co-founder, Diamante Bridge Collective Board of Directors, PermaVida Foundation, Costa Rica


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permaculture week_edited.jpg

Free Community Earth Day

Tuesday, July 9th 9am - 12pm 

With Jossie Torres & Gabrielle Bonneville

We welcome the extended community to come and connect with the incredible land of Yacumama. We begin by gathering, getting our hands dirty, walking the land, and planting trees that have been gathered from all over Costa Rica. This is a hands-on community building event where Yacumama's permaculture team will share about the properties and personalities of the trees, what to consider in a planting design drawing upon the principles of Permaculture - knowledge that can then be transferred to your own communities. 

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Syntropic Farming Workshop

Wednesday, July 10th 9am - 12pm 

With Travis Britzke 

Learn how to understand your land, while fostering planting practices that minimise environmental impact but support long-term food security. This is how we build ne worl,. This Syntropic Farming workshop introduces participants to cutting-edge but also ancient agricultural methods that create harmony with nature and grow food, FAST. Participants learn how to cultivate crops in ways that mimic natural ecosystems, enhancing soil fertility and biodiversity while promoting sustainability and agricultural best practices. Travis holds codes that many leaders of regenerative projects around the region have introduced in their projects with great success.


40$ per workshop. 20$ for locals. Spots limited.

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Spiral Earth Garden Workshop

Wednesday, July 10th 2pm - 4pm 

With Josie Torres

Join us for an engaging and hands-on Herb Spiral Workshop. Herb spirals are a type of herb garden that synthesizes many core permaculture ideas, bringing them together to create an attractive and functional growing area that allows you to grow a wide range of herbs within easy reach, in a relatively small amount of space. What to Expect: • Introduction to Herb Spirals: Learn the principles and benefits of herb spiral design, an efficient and space-saving method to grow a variety of herbs. • Design and Planning: Understand how to plan your own herb spiral, including selecting the right location, choosing the best materials, and organizing the layers for optimal growth. • Hands-On Building: Get your hands dirty! Work with fellow participants to construct a full-scale herb spiral on-site, gaining practical experience in building and planting. • Plant Selection and Care: Discover which herbs thrive best in a spiral garden, how to plant them for maximum yield, and tips for ongoing care and maintenance. • Sustainable Gardening Practices: Learn about sustainable gardening techniques, including water conservation, soil health, and organic pest control, to keep your herb spiral thriving.

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Sacred Sculpting

Taller de esculpturas sagrada para mujeres

Thursday, July 11th 9am - 12pm 

With Jossie Torres & Gabrielle Bonneville

Reconnect with the earth through art as prayer through Earthen Art Workshop with Jossie. This workshop is just for women. Get to know the qualities of this vibrant earth while blending artistic expression, ecological sustainability, and spiritual awareness to create holistic and regenerative pieces of earth art. "Earth arts" and "Sacred sculpting" refer to practices that integrate artistic and spiritual elements into the design and management of landscapes. At Yacumama, we are blessed to have much clay throughout the land. Connecting with the clay and being creative with it will emphasize the harmonious relationship between humans and nature, fostering a deep respect for the environment. This workshop is meant to set your soul free by shaping with your hands a unique piece made out of clay that expresses what is most alive in your heart. Our sculptures will create a collective altar that will be set here on this sacred land.

permaculture week_edited.jpg

Earth & Art : Blind folded Sculpting Experience with sound and microdose

Thursday, July 11th 2pm- 4pm 

With Jossie Torres & Gaby Bonneville

Jossie & Gaby will guide you through a sensory experience to connect with the earth and shape with your hands what is most alive in your heart. We will be activating our senses with the medicine of mushrooms for those who wish to partake.

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The foundations of choosing Earth

as a building material 

Friday, July 12th 9am- 12pm   

With Jossie Torres

Learn how to identify the type of soil you have on your farm, home, or project. We will be conducting field tests and hosting a deep introduction to different techniques for building with earth: wattle and daub, adobe bricks, and light straw clay. You will also experience practical hands on techniques to build an earth wall.

permaculture week_edited.jpg

Using Sacred geometry for building your regenerative project - 3D Physical Modeling with bamboo

Saturday, July 13th 9am- 12pm 

With Fernando Blanco

Want to build a temple or a sacred altar on your land? We bring in two of the most talented sacred geometry experts who will discuss and showcase the different energies and archetypes that geometry holds. This will help us as community builders learn how to create energetic channels on your land whether you are building for your family or a larger project,

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Embarrarte with Kids ( Part 1 )

Introduction: Preparing the mix

Sunday, July 14th 9am- 12pm 

With Jossie Torres

Creative Workshop to learn by doing. For kids between 7 to 12. Younger kids can join with the company of one of their parents. Embarrarte is a playground to learn, shape, and paint with clay and earth elements. Jossie will teach kids how to create natural paints and play with clay. Mothers are invited to go into the beautiful waters of Yacumama and give themselves a clay bath. Massage therapists are also available if mothers want to take a moment to relax and unwind while their kids are in class.

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Embarrarte with kids ( Part 2 )

Making small adobe bricks or natural paintings 

Sunday, July 14th 2pm- 4pm  

With Jossie Torres  

Creative Workshop for kids to learn by doing. For kids aged 7 to 12. Younger kids can join with the company of one of their parents. Embarrarte is a playground to learn, shape, and paint with clay and earth elements. Josie will teach kids how to create natural paints and play with clay. Mothers are invited to go into the beautiful waters of Yacumama and give themselves a clay bath. Massage therapists are also available if mothers want to take a moment to relax and unwind while their kids are in class.


For this special Permaculture week, we are offering 50% off of our accommodation rates.

Hexagome $75 single / $44 per person double
Jungle Cabin $62 single / $38 per person double 
Round Tents single $40

Contact us for info on our new more deluxe accommodations that may be available.



Who is this experience for? Earth Week is a vibrant celebration designed for everyone—children and adults, farmers, visionaries, and architects alike. Our community-focused event invites residents of Ojochal, Diamante Valley, Uvita, and Dominical to come together. Whether you're an experienced grower, a creative dreamer, or someone eager to learn about sustainable living, Earth Week has something special for you.

Why take part in this experience now? The rainy season in Costa Rica is the perfect time to plant! The abundant rains provide ideal conditions for nurturing new growth, making it a prime opportunity to engage in activities like gardening, farming, and building with natural materials. Embrace the rhythm of nature and join us in making the most of this fertile season.

What is the cost? Participation in each workshop costs $40. If you need accommodations, there are additional costs. Meals for a day, including tea, are available for an extra $25.

What kind of food is served? Our meals are vegetarian, organic, and sourced locally. You'll enjoy delicious dishes crafted by talented local teams who prioritize fresh, seasonal ingredients. Expect a culinary experience that is as nourishing for your body as it is for your taste buds.

What are accommodations like? Choose from a range of accommodations that cater to different preferences and budgets. From glamorous tents that offer a close connection to nature to luxurious Balinese villas that provide a serene retreat, you'll be serenaded by the soothing sounds of silence, gentle winds, and flowing rivers. Each option is designed to enhance your experience with comfort and tranquillity.

Why is it important to bridge Diamante Valley, Ometepe Island, and Ojochal? These regions share similar ecosystems but also have unique differences. By bringing together knowledge and experiences from Diamante Valley, Ometepe Island, and Ojochal, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices. This collaboration helps us learn what works best in various conditions and how to avoid common pitfalls, fostering the development of thriving syntropic or spiral gardens and other eco-friendly projects.

What are the workshops ?

1. Sacred Geometry  Explore

        the mystical patterns that shape our world and learn how to incorporate them into your      designs 

2. Syntropic Farming Discover

innovative farming techniques that work in harmony with nature.

3. Clay Building

Get hands-on experience with natural building materials and techniques, a super unique playground to engage with clay. 

4. Spiral Earth Garden

Learn how to design and cultivate a garden that mirrors the natural spirals found in nature.

5. Blindfolded Sculpting and Sound Journey 

Experience the art of sculpting without sight, guided by sound to enhance your sensory awareness and creativity.

6. Sacred Sculpting (Women Only)

Sculpting as a prayer where we nourish intentions and unleash your creativity with art projects using materials from the earth.

7. Kids Workshops Engaging and educational activities designed specifically for children, a whole Sunday, including:  

  • Painting with Natural Colors, Create artwork using colours derived from natural sources, promoting sustainability and creativity and

  • embodiment Explore movement and mindfulness exercises to connect with the natural environment and foster a deeper understanding of ecological principles.

Join us for Earth Week and be part of a community dedicated to sustainable living, learning, and growing together!


Yacumama is in Ojochal, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, known for its international fine dining, which is part of the Ballena (whale) Coast.

We are 30-40 minutes south of Dominical and 15-20 minutes south of Uvita, where the Envision Festival has been held for the past ten+ years. The Osa Peninsula (the 5th most biodiverse place on the planet is just 2 hours south.


Yacumama is a 3-4 hour drive southwest of the international airport, SJO.


From San Jose or other airports in the country you can also take a 45 minute flight on a small plane or even hire a small private plane to Quepos airport which is about an hour drive from Yacumama.


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