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Time & Location

Jul 12, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jul 14, 2024, 12:00 PM

Ojochal, 485X+8J4 Tortuga Arriba, Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas Province, Ojochal, 60501, Costa Rica

About the Event

Yacumama Earth Week is a small community gathering and initiative that bridges Earth Arts and Permaculture Principles and where incredible facilitators share skills and wisdom that can be transfered into surrounding projects in the area.

Our intention is to provide an opportunity for our community to gather and gather educational and pratical experiences that can support us as community designers, and young families, on providing hands on practices that create sustainability and tools that can help us build out our visions for a new world. Yacumama Earth week is designed as an arch between feminine and masculine energies, providing workshops that weave from more experiencial and creative, to pragmatic and informational. You can enter in and out of Earth week by coming in per workshops, or by investing on a package of a number of workshops. Topics range from composting, planting a garden, centropic agriculture, and clay. In our quest to involve all ages, we have reserved two days for the children, with the end of the week being open to children through embarARTe, a series of workshops that are for children and their parents.. This gathering is a unique opportunity for us to ‘unplug’ from all the hustle bustle of our digital lives and tune in deeply with the frequency of nature and our neighbours 

Yacumama Earth week is based on three pillars:  

1) GAIA EDUCATION - Project Based- learning that allows for hands-on, real time learning with gardening and permaculture projects 

2) EARTH ARTS & NATURAL BUILDING- we use creative expression through organic materials to inspire, educate and reconnect us to the earth 

3) COMMUNITY BUILDING - Our desire is to foster deep conections, relationships and a sense of belonging by gathering under a common vision of world based on community that prioritize the earth

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