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A Mother Daughter 



February 5 - 11, 2024


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Generations Retreat is a unique and transformative experience designed to bring mothers and daughters together for a week of healing, connection and growth.

This retreat will offer a safe and supportive space for you to explore the dynamics of your relationship, heal past wounds, and create deeper bonds that will last a lifetime. 

Through the power of plant medicine, guided experiences of connection and authentic communication, you'll have the opportunity to gain new insights, develop greater self-awareness, and strengthen your connection with yourself and with each other.

We are committed to creating a nurturing and empowering environment where you can explore, learn and grow together.

We invite you to join us for a week of deep healing and transformation, and to take this powerful step towards creating a more connected and harmonious relationship with your mother or daughter.






When was the last time you felt fully free?

You will be held in a safe container and lovingly

guided to peel back the layers of mind, ego and conditioning.  

  • 2 Nights Sacred Ceremonies with teachings of the Grandmother 

  • Preparation & Integration Practices before, during and post retreat

  • Daily Embodiment Sessions Including - Yoga, Meditation & Dance 

  • Authentic Connection, Partner Exercises, Community

  • Quantum Healing Breathwork to shift traumatic imprints & subconscious/unconscious patterns 

  • Nature immersion in pristine land with river, creek, mountains, ocean views, wildlife - monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, scarlet macaws. 

  • 6 Nights accommodation and 7 days organic farm to table meals

You'll find that it is easier than you think to

meet your edges and face your fears

- and that it is so worth it to taste the sweetness

of liberation that is on the other side. 



Welcome to a sacred space to explore the fullness of your being.


Where you will experience a profound return to WHOLENESS.

Where all aspects of you are welcome.

Where you will be held and supported to lean in & let go.

To really let go. 

Let go of who you think you should be

and taste more of who you truly are. 






There is something extraordinary about the field that we create in these retreats. Many people have said they have been the best days of their lives. I attribute the to the feeling of being at home with yourself. That deep peace that comes with not needing to waste any energy in an internal battle of what you think you should do or be like to be accepted and loved. To finally have a space where you let all the parts of yourself you've shut down be seen and felt. And let the original innocence of your soul shine and come out to play. 


It's likely that whatever is holding you back in your life is the very key to stepping into a more liberated and empowered way of living. 


The medicine will illuminate blockages and help us peel away the layers to the deeper truths within. You will receive tools to help embody that truth by releasing traumatic imprints, conditioning, unconscious belief systems & programs so that you may simply live in freedom and peace.

Our commitment is to create a safe space of unity so the illusion of separation dissolves, creating an experience of deeper connection to each other and to all life.


Together we cast a circle of unconditional love, free of judgement where you can let down your guard, and feel accepted as you simply be yourself. During this time we experience living together as a community, where we remember what it feels like to belong & come home to ourselves.




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Life on Retreat

Throughout this week-long journey, we'll take you on a powerful journey of transformation through sacred ceremony, embodied learning experiences and spaciousness of play and rest.


Our focus is on creating a nurturing and supportive environment for you to dive deep into your own personal journey of healing and self-discovery.


You'll leave this retreat feeling fully alive, with a renewed sense of vitality and inspiration, and a deep sense of connection with your mother or daughter.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to step into the fullness of your being and create lasting change in your relationship with the ones you love the most.




Opening Ceremony - Authentic Relating Circle

Connection to the land of Yacumama



Communication & Emotional Processing Tools

Yin Yoga

Ayahuasca Ceremony



Waterfall Purification Ritual

Integration Circle


Rest & Sound Healing



Morning Dance Journey

Authentic Relating Workshop

Yin Yoga

Ayahuasca Ceremony


Earth Ritual at Grandmother Tree

Integration Circle

Rest & Sound Healing




Beach play!

Relationship Future Visioning

Closing Ceremony


Closing Circle - Depart with your heart full of gratitude

*** Itinerary Subject to change

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Preparation and Integration

Preparation and integration are some of the most important aspects of this experience. 

When you say yes, you will receive a package of preparation and integration tools with meditations, embodiment practices, journal prompts, an integration e-book, dietary and lifestyle guidelines. 


These are all to prepare us for the ceremony of life so we can be more loving, aware humans in all of our relationships.

We will have a post retreat group integration calls on

February 19  3:00-4:30pm CST &

March 19  3:00-4:30pm CST

A community is created within the group and if you choose, you can continue to connect with people that may become your friends for life. 

Accommodation Options




2 twin beds, wood floors, sliding glass doors, 2 have ocean views and the rest have forest views. En suite sink and compost toilet & shared showers.

$3,500 per person in double

Until 11/15/2023 $3800 after







5 meter luxury ocean view tents with high ceilings, two twin beds or one king bed, wood floors, en suite sink and compost toilet and shared outdoor shower

$3,700 per person in double

11/15/2023​ $4000 after







Wood Balinese Cabins with exquisite carvings, two twin beds or one king, ensuite bathroom and outdoor shower overlooking forest.


$3,900 per person in double

11/15/2023​ $4200 after





We have a variety of accommodation including antique Balinese wood cabins, jungle wood cabins, luxury ocean view glamping tents, and jungle glamping tents.

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My journey with Ixchel has changed my life. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I felt absolute safety & love. The level of inner growth is the most profound I have felt after any type of retreat or personal development experience. I'm stepping into all areas of life in a new and much more confident way with a level of liberation & expansion that's hard to explain. 

- Melanie Midegs

Ixchel embodies the divine mother, creating a potent container of unconditional love for her work. In ceremonies with Ixchel, I have been able to connect to the deepest parts of myself, reaching new levels of forgiveness, self-compassion and healing from trauma. I think of Ixchel as my spiritual momma and am exceptionally grateful to have her in my life.

– David Langer

My retreat in Peru changed my life and supported me in infinite ways! It was such an incredible safe container for the journey back to love and empowerment to step into my life's purpose.

-Tish Steenkamp


Hola I'm Ixchel! I’m a ceremonialist, community builder, spiritual midwife, retreat facilitator, dancer, musician, entrepreneur, coach, permaculturist and eternal optimist who is passionate about human potential. In 2012 the portal of music opened up for me and I started playing guitar and receiving songs. I am dedicating my life to the liberation of all beings, to the remembrance of our divinity, to the embodiment of our full potential.  Of course this starts with myself so I am right here with you on this continual journey of shedding the ego and remembrance of who we truly are.  My journey with psychedelics began at the age of 14 setting me on the path of self enquiry. In 2004 I experienced the most profound homecoming in my first ceremony with Ayahuasca. I got to connect with the part of myself beyond name, beyond time and space that has always been and will always be - free of the ego that was identified with any of my triumphs or failures.  Since then Ayahuasca and Huachuma have been my greatest teachers in helping me to be a better human. I have received so much from these master teachers that for the past 9 years I have been in full service to sharing their gifts around the world in ceremonial retreats. Creating immersive experiences of devotion & liberation is my greatest joy!  I weave together my passions and the practices that are my pillars - nature immersion, yoga, breathwork, sound healing, singing, dancing, sweat lodge, authentic relating, satsang, sharing circles and of course ceremony. I am the mother of a passionate 17 year old artist who has been raised with inspiration by a village in the community I co-founded in Bali with his dad 17 years ago.  These days I am happy having my hands in the earth in Costa Rica. I am currently creating Yacumama - an eco village, food & medicine forest and community retreat center for transformational experiences in the south Pacific side of Costa Rica. I bring the energy of the divine mother with fierce unconditional love, radical presence & authenticity to hold you through anything that arises.

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Amanda, a multifaceted individual, wears many hats with grace and purpose. As a daughter, she cherishes family bonds and values their support. Her role as a friend is marked by unwavering loyalty and a listening ear. Amanda aspires to be a future mother, nurturing the next generation with love and wisdom. As a medicine woman, she embraces the healing power of nature and holistic well-being. She's a devoted land steward, ensuring the environment thrives for generations to come. Amanda's insights as a business oracle guide enterprises toward success. Her artistic talents add beauty and depth to the world. With a keen eye for investments, she's an insightful strategist. Amanda, a true renaissance soul, is defined by her diverse and inspiring roles in life. She will be joined on this retreat by her mother Betty who will be helping to support the mothers in the group drawing from her experience on a medicine retreat with her daughter.

We are so excited that you are considering joining us in Costa Rica!

This will be an experience of a lifetime, a powerful, transformative and deeply connected experience. 

If you have any questions please email our team at

With Love,

Amanda Goolsby & Ixchel Munay






Join Us! 


Yacumama is in Ojochal, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, known for its international fine dining, which is part of the Ballena (whale) Coast.

We are 30-40 minutes south of Dominical and 15-20 minutes south of Uvita, where the Envision Festival has been held for the past ten+ years. 


Yacumama is a 3-4 hour drive southwest of the international airport, SJO.


From San Jose or other airports in the country you can also take a 45 minute flight on a small plane or even hire a small private plane to Quepos airport which is about an hour drive from Yacumama.


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