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YACUMAMA is an eco village in Costa Rica.  

A space for community & connection to the deepest parts of ourselves and all life.

A center for transformational experiences for the evolution of humanity.


We are so happy that you found your way here and we get to share a little about Yacumama with you. 

Creating Yacumama is a response to a spirit mission given to many of us to create ecovillages, sanctuaries, food forests, temples, places we can come together in connection.

Our deepest prayer for Yacumama is to create a living field of unity where the illusion of separation dissolves, a place to remember who we truly are and be inspired to be more loving humans, standing powerfully in our purpose as devoted stewards of this earth.

This living field is alive, growing and evolving as we listen. We are exploring new and ancient ways of living in community rooted in sacred reciprocity, connection & regeneration.


"It is possible the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living."

Thich Nhat Hanh 

Yacumama means "Mother of the Waters" in Quechua. This pristine place offers a deep immersion into nature - just being here connected to the pure energy of the land and waters is healing in itself.


1000 feet above sea level on the Pacific coast, Yacumama is surrounded by lush verdant mountains.  The land is blessed with vast ocean vistas and abundant spring water that feeds a creek on the west, flowing parallel to a river with cascades & pools on the east. Pristine beaches where the jungle meets the ocean are a 10-20 minute drive to swim & surf in warm crystal clear waters.


About half of the nearly 100 acres is forest, home to abundant wildlife with mature trees and incredible biodiversity. We have ocean breezes throughout the day and cool air from the forested mountains that descends in the evenings.

This is powerful land, where we have found many relics from the original inhabitants of this area - the Boruca tribe, one of the eight indigenous tribes of Costa Rica. We are weaving connections and learning from the ancient ways of indigenous peoples from around the world including the Wixarika, Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, Shipibo, Kogi, Balinese and the Boruca. 

Yacumama Mirror


At Yacumama we create a vibration of love and unity such that there is a deep feeling of home and connection.


One of the deepest longings that humans have is to belong to something that is greater than ourselves. It is important for us that everyone who comes here feels that they are a part of the tribe. 

We have lived in community for many years and know first hand how important it is to have a village to raise our children.


We've also learned that coming together to sing, dance and commune with the elements on a regular basis benefits our overall wellbeing and is as essential as any daily vitamin.


Over the past few years we've been bringing the community together to sing, dance and pray in the beauty way.


The first phase of our eco village has been creating spaces for community to gather for events and transformational immersions.


The second phase will be creating the residential eco village, estimated to be completed in 2025.

Over the past 3 years, we have been planting a food and medicine forest, regenerating the soil and reforesting the land with native trees for the birds and wildlife.

Using the principles of permaculture design, we are creating closed loop systems where rather than creating waste, everything is giving back and regenerating creating sustainability from within.

Eco for us means leaving as light of an imprint as we can on the precious ecosystem we have come to be a part of with everything we design, build and every step of how we live our lives.


Our vision is to create and host experiences that allow us to restore our innate wholeness and remember the truth of who we are.


We have been facilitating retreats around the world for many years & are passionate about creating spaces and experiences that cultivate connection and expansion.

We pray that everyone who comes to Yacumama will feel a deeper connection to nature, ourselves, each other and be inspired to step into greater service to all life.

See below for the amazing offerings we have coming up as well as the free dates for you to bring your groups.


We are happy to invite you to join us for one of our immersions at Yacumama where you can come rejuvenate, realign and remember the truth of who you are in pristine nature.

Yacumama River Pool.HEIC

Experience the life giving healing waters of Yacumama - drinking and bathing in pure spring water, creek cold plunges, waterfall, river pool and natural waterslide!

Yacumama Sacred Fireplace Circle 2.JPG

There are many sacred spaces on the land. This is the outdoor fireplace surrounded by lush mountains and a view of the sea. 

Yacu Chiara ceiba .jpg

Connect and commune with our ancient grandmother tree - a profound place for meditation, listening to the messages of nature and your inner wisdom.


Yacumama is in Ojochal, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, known for its international fine dining, which is part of the Ballena (whale) Coast.

We are 30-40 minutes south of Dominical and 15-20 minutes south of Uvita, where the Envision Festival has been held for the past ten+ years. The Osa Peninsula (the 5th most biodiverse place on the planet is just 2 hours south.


Yacumama is a 3-4 hour drive southwest of the international airport, SJO.


From San Jose or other airports in the country you can also take a 45 minute flight on a small plane or even hire a small private plane to Quepos airport which is about an hour drive from Yacumama.


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