Tortuga Ridge


For the past 5 years I have been praying around the sacred fire with my beloved Dustin to magically

be guided to the place on the planet that is vibrating at the frequency of our hearts...


At Amber Hartnell’s birthday gathering in Encinitas, I met Sarah Grace who asked how she could support me. I told her my biggest prayer was to find the land where we can anchor this vision. She closed her eyes tuned in and said - it’s in Costa Rica!

At that point we weren’t open to looking in Costa Rica, but I felt the resonance of truth in my entire being. 


 In January 2019, we found 5 days to pop over to CR to feel and look at some land. The day we arrived we introduced ourselves to the spirits of the land and offered some tobacco with a prayer and a request that we receive a sign if we are meant to create here. At that moment 64 pelicans flew over our heads in a V shape directly toward the land and 6 large turtles swam around us for about 20 minutes! Our land is on the Tortugita (Turtle) River and the former name was Turtle Ridge Farm! 


Our land partners Chiara & Gerard hosted us those 5 days and each day as they shared their visions it was as if

they were speaking from our hearts. We are so grateful to be working together and so excited for what is to come!