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Find Your Seat

MANifestation Men's Gathering

with Dustin Kyle Brooks, Pablo Lucero, & Grant Ifflander

Full Day Huachuma Ceremony
Yacumama, Ojochal, Costa Rica

July 20th

This isn't a mission for those still figuring themselves out -- this is for the men ready to step in, reclaim their SEAT on the THRONE of their life, and lead their people with courage, humility, devotion, clarity, beauty and truth.

If that's you, then we'll see you in the arena on July 20th.

Let's get right to it - there is no more time to waste.

We're busy, us menfolk. We have jobs, duties, projects, responsibilities, and lives (some other than our own) to tend to. We have the pressure to perform, to succeed, to "make it happen". It's not often that we voluntarily get to confront what needs to be confronted in our own psyche, through the mirror of solid brotherhood and through the transformative technologies carried within our wisdom traditions. Our busyness and productivity and family commitments make it difficult to get done what really needs to get done, beyond "what needs to get done".

If we are not carving out the time in our lives to walk through these thresholds of initiation, the unresolved hangs over us like dark cloud, obscuring the way forward and holding us back from our potential, and the potentials of those we are intimately connected with.  We know that the work we do (or fail to do) ripples out and affects our communities, our children, our families, our friends ... all of our relations. But this does not mean we do not have the opportunity to do the work needed & transform ourselves -- we just need to find the right people and places to do it.

Out of this inspiration, urged by the primal instinct to gather as MEN to sharpen our sword and prepare for the inevitable battlefields of life, an all-men gathering is taking shape -- a 1 day MANifestation Immersion to help us "find our seat" -- on the sacred land of Yacumama.. If you're feeling the call, if it's been awhile since you stepped through the threshold of initiation, or it's been awhile that you've simply gathered with your brothers to get yourself clear to move forward in a good way, then this unique opportunity emerging right here in the pristine nature of Ojochal, Costa Rica, led by a powerful trio of men-in-arms, may be the mission you're calling in.



(Subject to change due to weather, group energetics, etc)

July 20, Saturday

7AM - Soft Arrival
8 - Opening Circle / Ceremony
9 - 12PM - Meditation, Movement
12 - 2 - Land Exploration, River Time
2 - 3 - Snacks / Hydration
3 - 5 - Brotherly Counsel / 1-on-1's
5:30 - 8:30 - Dhuni (Tantric Fire Ritual)
8:30 - Fire Prayers / Closing Ceremony
9:30 - Feast / Sharing Circle
10:30 - Option to Depart or Stay 1 Night

Co-Facilitation Team



Sliding Scale = $200 - $400
Local Costa Rican's = 50% discount

*Optional Saturday Night Stay (w/ Sunday breakfast) = $50 extra

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