The Mother of the Waters...


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Beloved Familia!


Thank you for taking the time to receive this invitation to support our mission, which of course is OUR mission.  


In this time of great change, we feel the importance of having centers and communities where people

can intimately connect to nature, rewild, return to their innate wholeness & experience their true essence.


We are committing the next phase of our lives to creating a community & transformational center for the

evolution of humanity where we can be inspired to rise into the next level of stewardship of our precious earth.

A place where we remember our divinity as well as how to simply be more loving humans.



Weaving together beauty, purity and harmony, Yacumama is a living

template of the vibrational frequency of the New Earth.


Yacumama means mother of the waters in Quechua. Surrounded by lush verdant mountains,

the land is blessed with vast ocean vistas and abundant spring water that feeds a creek

on the west, flowing parallel to a river with cascades & swimming holes on the east.


Over half of the 87 acres is primary forest, home to abundant wildlife with mature trees

and incredible bio-diversity. Pristine beaches where the jungle meets the ocean are a

10-20 minute drive away to swim, surf & boogie board in warm crystal clear waters.


We have completed the preliminary design phase and created an in-depth master plan for the land with one of

Costa Rica’s top Permaculture designers. Our focus is on creating regenerative eco-systems to care for the needs

of our community and the local wildlife. We will be implementing sustainable technology in all aspects

of development like a bio-digester that turns all waste into liquid fertilizer and generates gas to heat water.


The public areas will have abundant permaculture gardens, aquaculture ponds, horse stables, artist & sound dome,

a space for community events and retreat center with programs in indigenous wisdom, plant medicines,

yoga, dance, meditation, breathwork, authentic relating, fasting, cleansing, permaculture and more.

The private area of the land will be a thriving community with homes for 6 families and 3-5 houses for

shorter-term residents. The homes will share a communal space with lounge area, kitchen, library,

pool, hot tub, sauna, fire space, teepee, maloca, temazcal, playground for children and communal gardens.

For more information about the location of Yacumama click here...

Click here to read the story about how we were magically guided to the land...

Below you will find ways to support this project.

This is an opportunity to be a part of something that will support the evolution of

humanity through transforming the well being & consciousness of thousands of

people, inspiring them to live in deeper harmony with the earth and

create the world we know is possible for the generations to come.


With Deep Love & Gratitude,



Ixchel & Dustin




There are two ways to support Yacumama.


You can give a tax deductible donation in the USA

through our sister organization Temple of Wholeness.


Choose your adventure - you can pre-pay for our retreats, private sessions,

mentoring/coaching, renting Yacumama for your own retreat or getaway or

even paying upfront for the rental income of a cabin for 5 years.


We have created a series of packages/reward levels similar to a GoFundMe campaign to raise the minimum of

$1,250,000 USD needed to finish paying for the remainder of our portion of the land and building of the public spaces.


We need to raise the first $450,000 by June 15, 2020 to complete the land payment (we closed with

1-year owner financing), add new roads, repair existing roads and to begin building the retreat center.


The more we raise, the more beauty and detail we can add to the design.


It is a large-scale project with multiple phases starting January 2020 and completing sometime early 2023.

It takes a village to create an eco-village and we are so grateful for your support!


Bronze Rewards

3 x 60min Online Sessions
ACTIVATE your gifts, STRENGTHEN your service to the world,
TRANSFORM your relationships,
CLEAR blockages, unconscious beliefs & agreements to take you to the next level of empowerment & embodiment.
Availability - 5
Available Now


Personalized Healing Session
A 3-4 hour Personalized Healing Session with Dustin - including full physical assessment and check-in prior to receiving a massage.

*Includes energetic clearing.
Availability - 5
Available Now


3 Day Loveolution Retreat
Registration in one of our open retreats anywhere in the world.
+ 60-90 minute integration session post-retreat
Availability - 10
Available Now


Private Cacao Ceremony
Customized 3 hour ceremony for your group including medicine wheel ritual, ecstatic dance, song circle, and sound healing. *Maximum 20 people.
**Activities can also be personalized specifically for your group.
Availability - 5
Available Now


1 Week Stay in Bungalow
One week stay in a guest
bungalow at Yacumama
for 1-2 people
*Food not included
**Valid for up to 5 years
Availability - 10
Available 2021


2x 3 Day Loveolution Retreats
Registration in two of our open retreats anywhere in the world.
+60-90 minute integration session after each retreat
Availability - 5
Available Now


Silver Rewards

Brotherhood of the Magi
A 10 Day all-inclusive journey for men in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Includes 4 Huachuma, 2 Ayahuasca, a Temazcal,  & Despacho ceremony.
Availability - 3
June 3-12, 2020


Private 1-on-1 Retreat
Personalized retreat with Ixchel including a coaching session, yoga/meditation practice, ceremony
& post integration sessions.

*Includes 2x 60-90 min integration calls
Availability - 7
Available Now


Private 1-Day Couples Retreat
Join Ixchel & Dustin for a powerful journey for 2 including coaching sessions, partner exercises, embodiment practices, and an all-night ceremony.

*Includes 2x 60-90 min integration calls
Availability - 5
Available Now


13 Week Mentor Program
13 Weekly 90 min. online sessions with Ixchel to activate your gifts and clear unconscious programs.
*Includes weekly email communication, rituals, and practical action plans.
Availability - 11
March 17 - June 9


5 Week Bungalow Rental
Experience the magic of Yacumama - 5 weeks total, can be consecutive or spread out over a course of 5 years
*Based on availability
**Not including food
Availability - 7
Available Jan. 2022


Private 3-Day Retreat for 2
All-inclusive personalized retreat for 2 including 2 ceremonies, coaching sessions, yoga, breathwork, healing sessions, and organic food.
*90 min integration post-retreat for 2
Availability - 2
Available Now

$7,222 - $14,400


Gold Rewards

Peru Equinox Retreat +
13 week Mentor Program
Sacred Valley, Peru | Sept. 12-21
The package includes a discounted rate based upon double accommodation.
Availability - 4
Sept. 12-21


3 Day Private MANifestation
For up to 12 Men
1st night includes cacao ceremony, connection exercises, & cleansing session.
2nd day includes all day ceremony with embodiment practices, vocal
activation, and fire ceremony.
Availability - 2
Available Now


3 Nights All-Inclusive
For up to 15 people including all food.
Bring your family, friends, or business partners to experience the purity of the land. We'll arrange everything to ensure it's very special for everyone!
*$666 for each additional person
Availability - 5
March 2023


Private 3 Day Retreat
For up to 4 people - all-inclusive retreat including 2 ceremonies, coaching sessions, healing sessions, yoga, breathwork, and organic food.
+Integration session post-retreat
*In Bali, Costa Rica, or California
Availability - 3
Available Now

$10,800 - $21,600

10 Week Stay @ Yacumama
For 1 or 2 people
10 week rental in guest bungalow - can be 10 consecutive weeks or spread out over the course 10 years.
*Does not include food
Availability - 10
March 2022


5 Nights All-Inclusive
For up to 15 people including all food.
Bring your family, friends, or business partners to experience the purity of the land. We'll arrange everything to ensure it's very special for everyone!
*$1111 for each additional person
Availability - 5
March 2023


Platinum Rewards

7 Nights All-Inclusive